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* Nominated for BEST CONCEPT at the Seoul WebFest 2021*


Notebook is an experimental short documentary about the different layers of human language and communication, the possibility of empathy, and the different ways in which human experience is mediated.

The film follows four ex-couples who agreed to meet and communicate on camera. The couples were asked to silently correspond by writing in a single notebook. The camera watches them writing and reading in silence like schoolchildren secretly exchanging notes in class. Since talking is prohibited and the text is not featured, all the remains is their body language.

At its core, Notebook reflects on relationships and communication in the age of social media. With texting now a prime mode of communication, misunderstanding has become rife as delayed responses, autocorrect, truncated phrases, and misplaced emojis wreak havoc on meaning. The film highlights the importance of basic body language. It explores the heartache, insecurity, and overthinking that text can cause against the instant healing power of a loving embrace – and allows viewers to ponder the absence of body language in their own chat communications.


Director, Producer, Editor: Shachaf Dekel | Cinematographer: Maya Stark | Sound Track design: Ronen Nagel 

Participants: Udi Razzin & Smadar Levi, Raafat Hattab & Hamutal Song, Michael Gutman & Leo Larus, Dekel Bor & Shiri Harpaz


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