The Mapo Experiment | Interactive Art Installation by Shachaf Dekel, Eran Hadas

The Mapo Experiment installation is a social artistic experiment dealing with the relationship between depression and technological tools.

The experiment refers to the Mapo Bridge in Seoul known as the "bridge of death", a preferred suicidal spot. South Korea is among the 10 countries with highest suicide rates, with more than 40 daily suicide cases. Samsung, identified with the success and economic acceleration of South Korea, has rebranded the bridge as the "bridge of life". The company has taken upon itself to solve the problem using technological tools such as sensor lighting, pictures of happy people and  fortune cookies text messages. The company tries to arouse emotion and hope in suicidal people on the Mapo Bridge, some of which had collapsed under the pressure that the same technological, competitive and economical society created.

The Mapo Experiment creates a simulation for participants and examines by technological means their mental state and their level of responsiveness to assist a person in distress. This is done by using the limited tools available to them that echo the anti-social language in the era of social networking.

In addition, The Mapo Experiment generates farewell poems for those who choose to jump from the "bridge of death". The poems are printed, forming a book of laments, and are presented as a sound work accompanying the experiment during the exhibition.


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2018 Mapo experiments at Beit Kandinof

2017 "The Last Picnic" group exhibition at Mamuta, Beit Hansen Jerusalem